The year was 1995, the hegemony of handbag house having a stranglehold on London’s clubland. Lovers of quality dance music were forced to take shelter in dingy basements and windy warehouses.

Clubbers needed an attractive environment and a quality underground soundtrack. From this realisation came The End Night Club, whose doors were opened on the 2nd December 1995. Designed by architects, the styling of the The End club was minimalist and futuristic.

London Night Life - The End Dance Club

With a spring loaded dance floor and enormous state of the art Thunderidge sound system, this dance venue provides one of the fiercest clubbing experiences in London.

Whilst London has seen a flurry of activity over previous years, with many new venues opening, The End has remained unaffected and indeed won the Erricsson Muzik award for “Best Underground Club” for Subterrain.

The End Clubbers

18 West Central Street
Tel: 020 7419 9199
Fax: 020 7419 9099