Greetings weary Italy traveler! You have found your way into the Forum Romanum, the center of ancient Roman society.

Here you will discover the greatest civilization in the ancient world, lasting over 1200 years and governing lands in three continents.

From a small farmers village on the Tiber river to a great empire, the history of Rome is filled with glory and intrigue.

Travel to Rome’s past through its culture, religion, language, and much more. Also, Rome offers a verity of affordable cruises to Europe, which is a great way to travel around.

Rome Festivals

The Romans celebrated many festivals, which were often public holidays. Each festival had its own religious or social meaning and tended to be associated with various Roman Gods and Goddesses.

But, even in the public holidays, business would only be forbidden if it was a very solemn occasion.

Festivals were often celebrated with races, games, and performances at the theatre.

There were about 115 festivals every year during the rule of Augustus, but the number increased to over 200 a year during the rule of later emperors.

Here are some of the most important Roman occasions:

Roman Festivals

January Roman Festivals
Febuary Roman Festivals
March Roman Festivals
April Roman Festivals
June Roman Festivals
July Roman Festivals
August Roman Festivals
September Roman Festivals
November Roman Festivals
December Roman Festivals