1st New Roman consuls were sworn in on this day.

To thank the Roman God Jupiter for his protection and guard in the past year, bulls were given as sacrifices to him.

Early January Compitaiia

In the country, a small shrine and an altar was built by all the farmers on the boundary of their farm.

Then, they placed a plough and wooden dolls to represent each member of their household there.

The next day was a national holiday, and they made a sacrifice which was meant to purify their farmland for the coming year.

In the city, the head of each insula (apartment) made a sacrifice of a hen on an altar which was built at cross-roads, and afterwards, there were three days of celebration.

January Rome Festivals by Day

Roman Music Festival

January 1 – Festival of Juno, festival of Aesculapius, Festival of Vediovis
January 3 – Compitalia to the Lares Compitales begins, Festival of Pax
January 4 – Compitalia to the Lares Compitales continues
January 5 – Last day of Compitalia to the Lares Compitales, Dedication of the shrine of Vica Pota commemorated
January 8 – Festival of Justitia
January 9 – Agonalia to Janus
January 11 – Carmentalia to Carmenta, Juturnalia to Juturna
January 12 – Compitalia to the Lares
January 13 – Conferring of the title “Augustus” on Octavian commemorated
January 15 – Carmentalia to Carmenta
January 16 – Festival of Concordia
January 17 – Festival of Felicitas
January 19 – Fornacalia begins
January 20 – Fornacalia continues
January 21 – Fornacalia continues
January 22 – Fornacalia continues
January 23 – Fornacalia continues
January 24 – Fornacalia continues, Sementivae (Paganalia) begins
January 25 – Fornacalia continues, Sementivae (Paganalia) continues
January 26 – Fornacalia continues, Last day of Sementivae (Paganalia)
January 27 – Fornacalia continues
January 28 – Fornacalia continues
January 29 – Fornacalia continues
January 30 – Fornacalia continues, Dedication of Altar of Peace commemorated
January 31 – Fornacalia continues