Unlike popular assumption, bullfighting isn’t a spot, it is an artistic. It isn’t for the faint hearted, and many will disagree with it, but for the ones who can stand the sight of 6 dying bulls you can get the excitement of any major stadium event. These shows are held every Sunday afternoon from April though to early November. There are other parts of Spain that practice this art, but there is no place better then Madrid’s Las Ventas on Calle Alcalá in Salamanca.

Tickets can be purchased at the ring or, for a 20% surcharge, at one of the agencies on Calle Victoria, just off the Puerta del Sol. Most corridors start in late afternoon, and the best fights of all — the world’s top displays of bullfighting — come during the three weeks of consecutive daily events that mark the feast of San Isidro, in May. Tickets can be tough to get through normal channels, but are always available from scalpers on Calle Victoria and at the stadium. You can bargain, but even Spaniards pay prices of perhaps 10 times the face value — up to EUR 120 or more.

Places can be brught at the stadium, or for 20% extra at one of the many agencies. Most will begin in the late evening, and the best of all bullfights will be shown during the feast of San Isidro, in May. Tickets can sometimes be hard to get, and many have to be brought from individuals. Look around for a good deal, but remember that even the native Spaniards will pay up tom 120 EUR or more to get into a heavily anticipated bullfight.

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