One Night in Bangkok

Bangkok is quickly becoming Asia’s capital of modern entertainment, with brilliant live music, hip bars, dancing venues, great restaurants, and groovy jazz and blues clubs. The nightlife in Thailand, especially Bangkok, can cater for every traveler, ranging from a simple few beers, too energy pumping dancing inside nightclubs.

there are a a large number of Irish and British style pubs due to the a steady expat in the population, filled with a number of traditional British and Irish activities. The recent migration of the Japanese have also made karaoke bars popular around Bangkok. the rich society of Thailand will often be found all around in hotel bars and A-list nightclubs. if traveling in groups, it is a custom to all share a bottle of whiskey, payed for by each of the group of friends.

In bangkok the drinks are rapidly evolving to keep up with what is modern. Owners of bars will spend a great deal of cash hiring experts to create unique drinks using flowers, spices, herbs and fruit juices. Nowadays tradition drinks are very rarely asked for, and drinks like the tom yumtini, made with lemongrass and chili, can only be found in the vars of Bangkok.

In the past the government as tried to crack down on the clubs and bars that generate a small sex and drug tourism. In March 2004 the Thailand authorities enforced a midnight curfew on all businesses, tying to target the bars and nightclubs. This action, a attempt to convey the image to then outside world of Thailand being only a country of temples, beaches and sunshine cause a large cry of outrage from club and bar owners, claiming that the tourism would be affected and unemployment would increase. A few months later there was a compromise which divided the town of Bangkok into zones, each zone having a different curfew, these not set in stone, allowing an all night city if you know where to go.

The next part of the traveling guide to Bangkok will be about the art of Muay Thai.