Bangkok Travel Guide

Bangkok is the largest city in Thai, and also the most enthralling, hosting the Thailand most beautiful temples and shrines. Waiting till sundown near Wat Arun on the lake is an unforgettable experience, and even if you have no knowledge of history, the grand palace can’t not delight. Bangkok’s energy is incredible, even though the nighttime, when the traffic allows you through, and the legendary stalls start tradings, and the entire city lights up with an glow of energy and wonder. Bangkok is a great travel destination.

When to Go on holiday to Bangkok

Thai has 2 different regions of climate; the tropical woodlands to the South, and the savanna’s to the northward regions. There are 3 seasons, cool (October to February), warm ( March to May ) and Wet (June to September). The Humidity levels are quite high all year round, peaking extremely high during the warm season of March to May. To many Europeans the cool season will feel more like home and can be a relief, though in the northern area of Thailand, around the hills of Chian Mai, the temperature can drop quite low for the country, even considered being chilly. the cold season, October though to February is the peak holiday season for Thailand, with hotels packing up and prices doubling.

The next part of the traveling guide to Bangkok will be about eating in Bangkok.