The Kalkomat Red Boxer Glove is a coin operated punch measurement boxing machine which is designed around the original shape of a boxing glove.

This unique robust design is popular with young men looking to “show off” to their friends/girlfriends just how tough they are on a night out making the Kalkomat Red Boxer Glove Boxing Machine the perfect addition to any busy night club or pub frequented by young men with money to spend.

Kalkomat Boxing Machines

Site a boxer machine today in your pub or nightclub at no risk, siting a boxer machine costs you no money, we deal with all maintenance and in return for siting a Kalkomat Boxing Machine you’ll receive 50% of the takings (these machines can hold several thousand pounds!).

Technical data of Kalkomat Red Boxer Glove Boxing Machine

Boxer Machine Height: 88” / 223 cm
Boxer Machine Width: 28” / 70 cm
Boxer Machine Depth: 53” / 134 cm
Boxer Machine Weight: 331 lb / 150 kg

Do you have an under utilised space in your establishment that could generate revenue at no risk to you?