24th Fors Fortuna

This Roman festival was held in honor of the Roman Goddess Fortuna.

This was a great public holiday, and the Romans rowed down the River Tiber to two shrines just outside Rome, where sacrifices were made for Fortuna.

This was followed by picnicking and drinking for the rest of the day.

June Festivals by Day

Roman Music Festival

June 1 – Festival of Carna, festival of Juno begins, Secular Games to Proserpina continue, festival of Terra Mater begins, dedication of temple of Juno Moneta commemorated, festival of Mars, festival of stormy weather
June 2 – Festival of Juno ends, Secular Games to Proserpina continue, festival of Terra Mater continues
June 3 – Festival of Bellona, last day of Secular Games to Proserpina, last day of festival of Terra Mater
June 4 – Festival of Hercules the Guardian
June 5 – Festival of Sancus
June 7 – Vestalia to Vesta begins, holiday for fishermen
June 8 – Vestalia to Vesta continues, festival of good sense
June 9 – Vestalia to Vesta continues, defeat of Crassus by the Parthians commemorated
June 10 – Vestalia to Vesta continues
June 11 – Vestalia to Vesta continues, Matralia to Mater Matuta, Festival of Fortuna, dedication of temple of Concord commemorated
June 12 – Vestalia to Vesta continues
June 13 – Vestalia to Vesta continues, Quinquatrus to Minerva
June 14 – Vestalia to Vesta continues
June 15 – Last day of Vestalia to Vesta, Quando Stercus Delatum (all the trash from the previous festivals is thrown into the Tiber)
June 17 – Ludi Piscatori to Tiberinus
June 20 – Festival of Aesculapius and Hippolytus
June 21 – Festival of Oraea
June 22 – Defeat at Lake Trasimene commemorated
June 23 – Festival of Venus begins
June 24 – Festival of Venus ends, festival of Vesta, festival of Fata, festival of Fors Fortuna
June 27 – Festival of Aestas