There is no place for prejudices if you the packaging for a visit in the Iran.

“Axis of despair”? Most visitors, after coming to this friendliest of countries, would not agree. For those looking for culture, Iran’s magnificent ruins of antique cities, glorious mosques and mausoleums, There are so many brilliant museums to visit you are bound to be run off your feet.

The adventurers enjoy can Trekking, bargain skiing, or some cliff climbing. Traveling with a deep necessity for a couple of beer and / or a place of feminist discourse, may wish to book another travel destination, but Iran has a quality amount on offer.

Travel Warning: Border Tension – rocket tests zones.
Potentially dangerous areas in Iran are the western boundary with Iraq and the eastern bordering regions to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Overland trips into Iraq aren’t recommended, unless you are seriously looking for trouble. Travers should avoid demonstrations, above all in Teheran, because they have the potential to become violent.

Iran’s military rockets, that where tested in July, maintain that a they are efficient enough to reach Israel. The tests have readied again the tensions between both countries, with Israel declared it would strike back if its security is threatened.

Check out safe trips for updated governments warnings or the Thorn Tree Travel forums for some good pieces of safe traveling advice for travelers.

Security: Mid-level-warning

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