12th Businessmen and traders paid ten percent of their profits to Mercury’s shrine on this day.

The Roman God Mercury was known for his cunning and sly practices.

The money was used for a feast which took place in public on this day.

August Rome Festivals by Day

Roman Chariot

August 1 – Festival of Ceres
August 9 – Festival of Sol Indigis
August 10 – Festival of Ops
August 12 – Festival of Hercules
August 13 – Vertumnalia to Vertumnus, Festival of Diana
August 15 – Festival of Diana
August 17 – Portunalia to Portunes, Tibernalia to Tiberinus
August 19 – Vinalia to Jupiter, Vinalia Rustica to Venus
August 21 – Consualia to Consus
August 23 – Vulcanalia to Vulcan, festival of Juturna
August 24 – Festival of Ceres
August 25 – Opiconsivia to Ops Consivia
August 27 – Volturnalia to Volturnus